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MarFlex develops, produces and maintains electrically driven pump systems for the maritime and offshore sector. MarFlex also develops rainwater drainage pump systems for the floating roofs of tank terminals.

MarFlex’s head office and factory are located in the Netherlands. MarFlex also has offices in Hong Kong and China.

MultiBel at MarFlex

At MarFlex, MultiBel is used to alert the company emergency services.

Until the introduction of MultiBel in 2017, the emergency response officer was called by the receptionist at the desk. When she received a report via the internal emergency number, she went looking for help. She called fixed or mobile numbers using a list of people. Not everyone was easily accessible, which made it difficult to get people quickly. It became even more difficult because the EROs were spread over 4 buildings and there was poor insight into the presence of the ERO in case of illness or holidays.

MarFlex addressed this complaint and looked for an alternative. It was briefly considered to purchase Walkie-talkies for the emergency response team, but many disadvantages were found. On the other hand, sending alerts to a mobile phone was easy to enter.

Most people have a handset that they walk through the factory or they have a mobile phone so why do not use that device directly instead of more devices.

The implementation of the solution initially had some challenges. For example, a piece of customization, either in the telephone exchange or in MultiBel, had to take place to start the alarm. The solution was eventually found in MultiBel.

Olivier (from MultiBel) contributed and made every effort to find a solution.

Every month there is an exercise with MultiBel.

Since the introduction of the MultiBel app, everyone has responded well to the notifications. If there is no response to the alarm via app, you will of course also be called.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification of CERT