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Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting. Signify is a component factory for the light industry, supplying factories all over the world.

Signify is the world leader in lighting and offers its customers high-quality energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services. Signify turns light sources into data collection points to connect even more devices, places and people via light.

MultiBel at Signify

Before MultiBel was introduced, Signify used a pager system to call the emergency response team.

The pager system has worked effectively for years, but has recently seen coverage issues, and is also limited in ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, maintainability. Significant investments should be made to bring the system up to date.

Looking for solutions, which included extensive discussions with a reference customer, Signify has arrived at the MultiBel system. Important elements in the choice for MultiBel were:

  • MultiBel works via smartphone / GSM, based on presence, geo-fencing, or via a specified work schedule.
  • Accessibility of ER officers is good by using the telephone network.
  • ER officers do not now have to wear a separate pager. The private or company telephone, which everyone now has with them, does not require any additional hardware investment.

At the moment, various scenarios have been set up, including: ER, Crisis Management Team, First Aid, Building Coordinators.

At Signify Maarheeze, the MultiBel system is also linked to the existing fire alarm control panel, via a protocol, to a dedicated laptop. This laptop can be used to activate groups, start scenarios, where text and speech can be added even more.

Reports from the fire alarm control panel are automatically forwarded to the ER officers.

The MultiBel system can effortlessly follow our still growing organization.

The experiences in using MultiBel are:

  • Manage activities such as adding, removing, adding users to various function groups, etc. can easily be realized via the MultiBel management portal.
  • ER officers are called via: App, Phone, SMS, E-mail.
  • Every ERO indicates whether he / she confirms to come.
  • After every call, deployment of the emergency response team, scenario, it is possible to conduct an analysis via the MultiBel system for presence, response, etc.
  • MultiBel has a powerful helpdesk, where support can always be requested during office hours.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification for CERT

  • Emergency notification for First Aid

  • Alerting Crisis Management Team

  • Alerting Building Coordinators

  • Link with fire alarm control panel