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Tholen is a municipality in the Dutch province of Zeeland. The municipality has 25,540 inhabitants and covers an area of 254.41 km². The municipality of Tholen consists of the former islands of Tholen and Sint Philipsland. In 1971 all municipalities on the island of Tholen were merged.

MultiBel at Municipality Tholen

MultiBel is currently used for the emergency call of aggression (emergency buttons). The intention is to also roll out the emergency response with MultiBel.

Before MultiBel was introduced, the Municipality of Tholen received alarms by calling people one by one. With MultiBel, the persons present can be called simultaneously.

The delivery of MultiBel went well. A clear explanation has been given on site and the system has been delivered in good working order. The people who are called up have independently installed the app using the manual. If necessary, the Helpdesk is easily accessible.

MultiBel is used at Municipality Tholen for:

  • Alarms with alarm buttons/ aggression buttons.