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PZEM: Provincial Zeeland Energy Company

Sander Filius

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Middelburg/ NL


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PZEM: Provincial Zeeland Energy Company is een producer of electicity and an energy supplier to business customers. PZEM is the legal successor of DELTA NV.

MultiBel at PZEM

MultiBel is used at PZEM to alert the emergency response team.

Previously, there was a hardware-based system to call up the emergency response team in the event of an emergency. A DECT system was used. Due to adjustments in the telephony, this solution has been canceled.

For an alternative, we initially looked at the purchase of new DECT devices or beepers. Subsequently, the question arose whether there would be no software solution, because all emergency response officers already had a telephone.

MultiBel was found during an internet search. We have of course looked at the references. After requesting more information, MultiBel appeared to fit very well into our picture.

PZEM carried out the entire implementation independently. This went smoothly and relatively easily for several reasons:

The emergency response team had already worked with MultiBel when DELTA was still part of PZEM.
At the time, implementation at DELTA was arranged together with the MultiBel account manager. The knowledge gained could be put to good use in the implementation of MultiBel at PZEM. It also helped enormously that there was good knowledge of IT and telephony.
PZEM does not have a complicated set-up: there is a clear number of scenarios, a small emergency response team and no link between MultiBel and surrounding systems.

The PZEM reception will be contacted in the event of a report requiring the emergency response team. The reception employee asks specific questions about what is going on and starts the MultiBel call.

The option to start MultiBel with an automatic dial-in number is available. This would enable anyone in the organization to activate a scenario. This is not yet used in practice.

The conference call module of MultiBel is used as a communication method between the reception and the team leader BHV.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification for Emergency Response Team