Adrz improves fire safety by using a wireless hospital evacuation system.

Adrz improves fire safety by using a wireless hospital evacuation system.

Adrz is a regional hospital in the Netherlands that offers care at several locations in the Dutch province “Zeeland”. As an inspection body specialized in fire safety, Kiwa has issued an inspection certificate for a wireless Cloud-based NEN 2575-4 evacuation system. With this certificate, the hospital demonstrates that the alarm system complies with applicable Dutch and European legal requirements. There are alarms on smartphones.

Pagers vs. App

Emergency Response Coordinator of the Adrz Pieter Tramper:

“Thanks to some built-in controls, the app is much more reliable than the pagers we used before. The new solution provides more certainty that our company emergency organization can act quickly.”

Project leader Herman de Grave:

“MultiBel is a professional software supplier, with short communication lines that makes it possible to act quick. Their evacuation alarm solution perfectly matched our needs and could easily be set up and adapted to our requirements and wishes. They continuously think along in solutions and have all the expertise in-house to quickly implement desired adjustments. As a result, we were able to implement the system in a short time and get it successfully certified.”


The K21047 certification scheme has been drawn up for companies that wish to obtain certification for installing and maintaining wireless silent alarm systems. In that sector, a good evacuation system is of vital importance because patients or residents are not self-reliant or are unable to flee themselves. That is why they are legally obliged to have a certified silent alarm evacuation system.



MultiBel was certified by Kiwa in November 2020 with the K21047 WSAS (Wireless Silent Alarm System) (see  news item). This was an important step to be able to use MultiBel as a fully cloud-functioning evacuation alarm system. MultiBel is the only organization in Europe with WSAS certification.


The implementation of an evacuation system in the cloud at Adrz was realized through a collaboration between Dräger and MultiBel. The implementations and certifications are now ready at both De Waalboog and Adrz. In the coming period, several organizations will follow where they are already working hard on the rollout.

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