MultiBel is the first company to be certified according to Kiwa K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System (WSAS).

MultiBel B.V. is the first emergency notification system to be certified according to our certification scheme Kiwa K21047 for Wireless Silent Alarm Systems. The certification is based on European standards. Our MultiBel certification serves as a step to enable the Dutch functional requirements NEN 2575–4  silent alarm evacuation system with the smartphone.

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Why a smartphone-based evacuation system?

An explanation of the reasons that organizations choose a smartphone-based solution for evictions.
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Need advice on smartphone solution MultiBel for silent evacuations?

Contact us for appropriate advice for a NEN 2575-4 certified smartphone silent alarm evacuation software with the associated costs.

    MultiBels Kiwa K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm Systems (WSAS) certificate is directly accessible via the Kiwa website.

     Kiwa K21047