Scenario: Nursing home patient goes missing

If, due to for instance wandering, a nursing home patient is missing employees must be alerted and start looking as soon as possible. In many organizations, colleagues are alerted by asking around, following a calling tree or informing each other through WhatsApp. Anyone who is receiving the information and available starts looking for the missing patient. The living areas are systemically checked, possibly also living rooms on other floors, the reception desk, the restaurant, everyone is notified. This is a lot of manual work and there is often a form of stress, after all, a patient is missing.

patient missing

Send emergency notifications systematically

Crisis App
  • When a client is missing, MultiBel allows you to only send notifications to colleagues who are present. People who are not physically there are often unable to help.
  •  If there is not much time since the patient has been last seen , there is a good chance that the client will be found in the vicinity. With MultiBel you can easily send alerts to fixed locations in the nursing home such as: the reception desk, the restaurant and other living rooms. By doing this the changes of finding the person while he or she is still in the neighborhood have increased.
  • With MultiBel, employees or people who live or work nearby can also receive a message to help searching.

Real-time overview of responses

  • With MultiBel you have real-time overview of the responses. in other words not only is there an alert, but it is also possible for the receivers of the notification to indicate that they can / cannot start searching. If not enough people have accepted, decisions can be made to for instance alert bigger group of people.

Escalation possibility

  • If an emergency notification is not (immediately) followed up, the alert is “escalated” to the next person responsible. This escalation procedure can be set up easily with MultiBel.

Silent mode

  • Employees who are at work generally carry their mobile phone. However, if you lie in bed at night, you are difficult to reach. Because MultiBel breaks the silence mode, the chance that the right people are reached is maximized.

Less risk of alarm fatigue

  • Many care phones give the same “beeps”/sounds for different notifications. However, should a door alarm have the same sound as, for example, an alarm on a bed? In MultiBel the sounds can be fully personalized, so that  nurses or care givers immediately recognize the most urgent messages.

Forward additional information

  • With MultiBel it is also possible to send for instance a photo of the patient who is missing. Working with a clear description of a person with a recent photo and information about clothing and behavior makes it easier to find someone.

Incident management

  • MultiBel can log the actions. This make it possible that everyone is informed of the actions that have been taken. For example, indicate which living rooms and apartments have been checked.
  • In case the missing patient has been found, everyone can easily be informed by sending a message. People who received the emergency notification are now informed and can stop the search.


walkie-talkie app
  • By using the communication module you can allow a (crisis) team communicate with each other. With the walkie-talkie function, people can keep each other  informed about the progress of the search. By directly placing the teammembers in a conference call, coordination about actions is simplified.

Additional points to consider when choosing a system

  • Using MultiBel you do not need any hardware, employees can all use their (own) smartphone. in other words pager systems and walkie-talkies are unnecessary.
  • Is it possible to integrate the system with existing healthcare technology? MultiBel can be linked with surrounding systems (hardware and software) and MultiBel is scalable with an unlimited number of scenarios and number of people.
  • With MultiBel you have a platform. MultiBel is used by half of all hospitals in the Netherlands as hospital notification system and is used at many healthcare institutions for alarms in the event of evacuation, fire (connection with fire alarm system), emergency response or alarming in the case of lone workers.
  • In order to serve as a Cloud solution as a silent alarm evacuation system. MultiBel is the only provider in Europe certified by Kiwa complient with the so-called Wireless Silent Alarm System.
  • MultiBel is a SaaS so you always use the latest version. New developments are rolled out and available to you at the request of our customers.

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