Samsung XCover smartphone with built-in alarm button

Aggression is unfortunately becoming increasingly common in the workplace. Many of our customers ensure that their employees can work more safely. To do so, they use an alarm button as part of our lone worker module.

MultiBel currently has an emergency button available in several ways:

  • in the MultiBel app
  • portable external bluetooth emergency button
  • fixed external alarm button
  • alarm button on e.g. the Samsung XCover.
Samsung XCover alarm button

Samsung XCover emergency button i.c.w. MultiBel alarm

The Samsung XCover can activate a MultiBel alarm. This can be done by pressing the red button on the side of the phone. Hugely convenient, as you can find the button blindly. In other words, you put your hand in your bag or pocket and press the button.

Extra helpful when you consider that this phone is, among other things, waterproof, can be operated with wet hands or gloves and is drop-proof. This makes the phone ideal for during work.

Who uses the Samsung XCover?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are often interested in using the Samsung XCover for their staff.

In these organisations, our alarm platform is often set up as a silent alarm evacuation system. The purchase of new smartphones to replace the pager is then considered. The working alone module is immediately included in the set-up. The alarm button on the XCover is regularly used for this purpose.


The fact is that the XCover can take a beating. Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof makes the device resistant to extreme conditions.

We think this is not only interesting for healthcare. In other words Are you considering making a new Smartphone available to your employees? Also take a look at the Samsung XCover in combination with our lone worker solution.

MultiBel certification for protection of all employees

Kiwa certificate K21023 is for the digital protection of people via smartphone sensor technology. MultiBel offers the first (and so far only) lone worker app that has this certification. To obtain this quality mark, a Kiwa auditor checks the organization and the entire system annually.

Try the Alarm button in MultiBel’s Lone Worker module now.

We are happy to explain how MultiBel works, for example in a 30-minute demo. In addition, we can also discuss the other elements of the Lone Worker App. Contact us for a no-obligation demo.