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For more than 100 years, Marente has played an important role in the care and support for the elderly and vulnerable in the area: Oegstgeest, Voorschoten and Leiden. Marente supports people to live independently for as long as possible. In addition, Marente helps to rehabilitate or recover after treatment in the hospital or at the GP. For the most vulnerable elderly people, Marente offers accommodation, care and treatment in 14 residential locations, including nursing homes, residential care locations and rental apartments.

MultiBel at Marente

Previously, Marente used paging to call the emergency response officers in the evenings (at home). For this purpose, the emergency response team members took the pagers home. In practice, however, it turned out that this solution did not always work well. The problem was two-fold. Despite the fact that the beeper batteries only had to be exchanged once a month, a test alarm showed that the batteries were empty. In addition, the pagers were regularly forgotten at work, making them unreachable.

The emergency response team themselves indicated that it was desirable for Marente to look for a good solution on the smartphone. After all, the mobile phone is usually charged, is not forgotten and is often even on the bedside table.

When choosing MultiBel, attention was of course paid to the functionalities of the system. The references were decisive in making the choice.

We received references from the account manager, and of course checked that. It gives confidence that many hospitals use MultiBel. They really don’t take a system just like that.

MultiBel is currently only used at Marente to replace the old pager. Internally, the current DECT systems are slowly being replaced by smartphones, and the ambition is to include alarms in MultiBel during the day.

Actually, MultiBel has more functionalities than we need. MultiBel develops itself sufficiently. We can’t even think of anything yet or it’s already there.

Marente uses the possibility to call the emergency response officers based on the postcode area. Marente’s team leaders and crisis team use the conference call module in MultiBel. The MultiBel app is not currently in use at Marente, but is scheduled to be rolled out.

I find the the account manager approachable and nice to work with. He immediately understands what it is about.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification for Emergency Response Team

  • Alerting the Crisisteam