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Roessingh: Center for Rehabilitation

Eric van den Hul

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Rehabilitation care


Extra hands during the night

Rehabilitation center Roessingh specializes in rehabilitation treatment and care. Rehabilitation Center Roessingh has treatment programs for all kinds of diagnosis groups, from light to heavy, visible and invisible. Both adults and children can be treated clinically and outpatient at Roessingh, Center for Rehabilitation. The largest group of clients of the rehabilitation center is diagnosed with stroke (stroke). Special are the rehabilitation treatments for pain, high spinal cord injury and clinical rehabilitation for children.

MultiBel at Roessingh

It is a nice, easy system and very user-friendly. You do not often see in this area that it is understandable without consulting the manual.

Roessingh has between 600 and 700 employees. Of these, 100 employees have been entered into the MultiBel system. MultiBel is used for the emergency response organization (at various physical locations) and for the crisis team.

Before MultiBel was introduced, Roessingh used the “old-fashioned bell tree”. Roessingh thought it could be done better and easier. The main thing was to find an automated solution to relieve the reception. The following elements were also important:

  • speed and simplicity in use
  • possibility to create different groups, with different people
  • get clarity of who is coming and how many people are coming

MultiBel came forward via the GHOR Twente, with the Extra Hands in the Night project. By choosing MultiBel, Roessingh also supports what the GHOR Twente is doing. With MultiBel, extra people can be called up in a short time.

We noticed in the conversations with MultiBel that “that is not possible”  was never said, instead MultiBel said “we are going to find out”. So far, MultiBel has also made everything we wanted extra.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Alerting and communication for the Emerency Response Team

  • Alerting and communication for the Crisisteam