LUMC deploys MultiBel alarm system in case of crisis

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is entering into a partnership with MultiBel. The hospital in Leiden deploys this alarm and communication system when the hospital threatens to fill up with victims in the event of an external disaster or in the event of an internal calamity.

The LUMC was looking for a new system for when a crisis breaks out. In addition to using MultiBel in a crisis, the LUMC is also looking at the possibility of using this solution for their IT.

Linda van der Linden, Safety & Crisis Management Team Leader:

In case we have a crisis, which can be an internal calamity or an external disaster, so we expect a large stream of victims, we need additional staff. In such a situation, the crisis team, usually not a very large group but a number of people, must be informed and connected as soon as possible. The crisis team consists of all those on duty, at least one person is needed from each group.

MultiBel ensures that all persons involved are reached quickly, in order to be able to immediately take action. Van der Linden:,

When you first have to get lists in a crisis situation and call everyone yourself, a lot of valuable time is lost. This system takes this worry off your hands.

“This emergency notification solution gives us a nice and safe feeling,” says Van der Linden. “The advantage is that everything is now hosted in different data centers, so there is always a backup if something does not work. You also need a backup in case of internal failure of the internet, the network or problems with IT.” The system also works with an app, so that you are in control. “The great thing is that we can activate ourselves via the app. If I need the crisis team in the event of an IT failure and the security cannot log in, I grab my app on my phone and arrange it myself. Compared to our previous system, this solution offers more options and there is always a backup.”

Multifunctional usable
The system has several options. You can not only make calls, but also use the app. Via the app you can see exactly how many people have responded to the call and how many people you can expect. The management for the departments is also easy to keep track of via the app. Van der Linden:

The app is very user-friendly. Each department has its own list in the app, with one person keeping the list. We can protect that only the people who keep the list can see all the data. So it is also good in terms of privacy and data protection.

The system is currently not only used by the LUMC in the event of a crisis, but is also used as a Hospital Notification System, alerting the emergency response team and security officers. “We are now looking into having the attendance registration of our emergency response officers run via the app as well. For example, there are more and more IT-related matters that we want to run through this route.”

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